Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day Minus Lemon

I ended up nearly painting an entire layer of paint in my efforts to finish up the Two Green Stars painting. Edges look nice though. And Twinkle Twinkle needs something still. A varnish I think, but later. 
I was also working on a drawing. There are large areas of yellow and I was using a highlighter to lay in the color. It was actually doing a great job, even color, spread out decently, robust on the khaki paper. So I am thinking what kind is it exactly, in case I can find another one. It turns out to be Aroma Accent, an aromatherapy highlighter.  Sure enough, a big whiff smelled of Lemon Pledge. How had I missed that scent? The small print called the color “Invigorate”.
I re-checked my work to make sure it really was smooth, and not that I was lulled into a sense of euphoria brought on by Invigorate.
What is aromatherapy anyway? What about the smell causes the invigoration? Surely my highlighter does not have actual essence of lemon in it (Organic Sharpies!)? So the lemon smell is not of lemon origin? Then what about the smell of lemon, as my brain recognizes it, gives the effect?  Turns out that lemon oil essence is not only stimulating, but also has anti-viral properties. But back to the highlighter, is it actual essence of lemon in it, or something designed to trick my nose into thinking it is lemon, and does it make a difference in the benefits? But maybe the highlighter has real lemon, perhaps the oil is what makes it so smooth?
Google tells me that the essential oils in aromatherapy affect the limbic system in the brain.  The limbic system is directly connected to the part that controls the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress level and hormone balance. This is why essential oils have such a powerful effect on our moods and general state of mind.  That does not tell me if fake scents can trick my brain. Here’s to real smells, organic smells! In that vein, I hope there are lavender highlighters, I do love purple.
Now, I wanted to address something is yesterdays post. I used the term ‘dank weed’. While I am certainly no stranger to the benefits of a good organic herb, I have to question my use of that verbiage. I have never used the term in actual conversation, not even the conversation I probably heard it in. Who was I trying to sound cool for? It grates on me when I read it. So, henceforth, I will try to write me in a more authentic voice. I might not be cool, but I am original. I will just go with that!
Back to tidying up.
Surrender, yet prepare.  Ask, yet expect.  - The Universe
P.S. The painting today is acrylic on 3'x4' wooden panel.  It was created in 2009, probably late summer. No name yet.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day Minus Two

In preparation I have started cleaning in the studio. I ditched some brushes that are long past any use other than 'stir stick'.  I also did some serious palette scraping. And several paint tubes of nothing squeezable found the trash. I emptied the trash cans, arranged the pencils, and sorted the sharpies. I stashed some drawings and cleaned the tables.

All the while I was doing some finish work on a painting, and adding color to a drawing, both in progress. In Progress… shit. So, they don’t count.  At some point I will show them here, but not today.And I can’t start anything new… Rather, won’t. Somewhere I must have a fear that I only have limited images inside me wanting to seep out. So I don’t want to waste one of them when I need the full 365 starting in just a couple days.

And here I always say that art is a muscle, the more you make, the stronger the creative urge becomes, and the more images come along, begging to be created over and over and over.That said, perhaps I should start making stuff right now, build up a head of steam. Catapult into the 2010. I like the idea. Of course, my inner demon will probably keep me in limbo for a couple days. Not only do I not want to start anything new, I want to clear the space of all work now. Fresh start, no distractions, no directions but forward. Plus, one piece a day will add up fast, I am going to need the space!

I spent too much time in my head today writing this blog. None of the material did I use, I can’t remember it. Of course it was brilliant. And gone. Is that the way it’s going to be? My inner monologue screaming for an outlet; working its material out in advance, then being ridiculously quiet when the fingers hit the keys. Precious time spent not in the moment of where I am and what I am really doing, but in preparation for writing in support of a visual project. Already, evolution of form with the addition of words. Sigh.

I got a new tea maker for Christmas. It is really a coffee maker with a fancy label, but it makes a fine pot of tea, and it works excellently in the studio. Something hot is always welcome here and since I am not doing nudes right now, tea will have to do.  Speaking of nudes, the drawing today is done on paper with pastel, circa late 2008.

Well, as preparation I need to make a list. A list of all those little items that will not stop the show if they are not there, but make life so much easier. Like paper towels, masking tape, some 409, a couple more black sharpies, a new eraser, some dank weed, trash bags, some more tea bags.

So much to do.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Day Minus Three

I thought I would give myself a couple of days here to figure out how to use this blog tool. Here is the plan. Starting on the 1st of January, first of the new decade, first of the year... I am going to start a project that many an artist has surely attempted before: A new art piece everyday for a year. Hence, "Laurentia Does 365".

Just now in a slight panic, I googled to make sure that 2010 is not a leap year. It is not. That would suck as I have no idea if I can change the name of the blog, delete the blog or just what I can do yet.

To get this ball rolling, let me tell myself the ground rules.

1. all art must be created completely in 2010.
2. A photo of said object will be posted daily.
3. If somehow, I make two or more pieces in a single day, I consider that working ahead, giving me time to have a slack day... 365 in 365 days... not one a day for 365 days.
4. Similarly, a piece may be created over several days, weeks or even months, it just needs to be started after midnight on Jan 1st, and can only be presented once.
5. Each piece must be completed. By my standards. Pretty sketchy this one, but, I know what I mean.
6. Each piece must be at least the size of a large postcard. And with that in mind, many may actual be on post card paper, ready to roll. They would be my minimal offering. And if anyone should want one, let me know!
7. As a visual artist, will not limit myself to any particular medium. Drawing, painting, sculpture, or even photography.
8. Ideally, every piece will be accompanied by some verbal recap, that is what most people think of with the blog name, but at the minimim, a photo will be posted and that counts as a day!

I will start with those for now.

Now, just so you know, my delusions do not extend to thinking that everyday will be a stunning push forward in my art. I just hope to stay away from suck for the most part. And generally hope to find something interesting, if not always inspired.  And perhaps even occasionally something enlightening will emerge.

So, here it is, well after midnight on the Monday before New Years. Friday, Jan 1, 2010.

And to get the ball rolling, lets find out how to add the photo you already see at the top. That painting was made a while ago. Probably around 2002 or so. It is 24"x36" or so, acrylic.

So, thats it for today, I will be tweeking my look in the next couple days, learning how to write, and gathering supplies.

I am excited to see how this will play out. I have contemplated this type of project before, but have not followed through. Here's to a fun year.