Friday, April 30, 2010

Day One Hundred Twenty: Go Huge or Go Home!

So the day just keeps going and going. Start early and it is so long. Good for trips to the glass store and for some small hardware, screws, and for paper.
Still so much to do, so much sleep to miss, so many mistakes to make...

Like the face that got framed with three layers of backing plus the back cover, the glass all meticulously clean, the drawing carefully measured with a slim ruler and stuck to the first then second then third matte. Then the whole thing is placed into the frame, the backing placed and stapled down. The big reveal of this great piece, and there is that slim ruler across the front of the drawing, against the glass... Fuck!

That mistake will not be made again. 

But there are others to learn from, that I know.

Until then, I gleefully move forward, learning lessons right and left.

Friday, April 30: Sharpie on post card, 4"x6"

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day One Hundred Nineteen: The Fast Times

Hurry faster, there is so much to do and see and play with... I am so excited.

Thursday April 29: Sharpie on post card, 4"x6"

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day One Hundred Eighteen: Hurry Up!

In the rush to ready for a show, the daily time to make art shrinks. I am pleased in one area at a time.

Wednesday, April 28:  Sharpie on post card, 4.5"x6"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day One Hundred Seventeen: Tiny movements make great progress

on this day... I get to see another artist at work while I watch, appreciating the fine details that I find fascinating myself. The tiniest spread of the paint, the fine tip of the brush, the fineness of the weave in the canvas. A great stroke putting it in place with such finesse. Ah, yes, when I say I love the process, I mean the details are where the thrill is found. The final product is inevitable.

Meanwhile, the rain has me feeling fresh.

Tuesday, April 27:Sharpie on post card, 4.5"x6"

Yeah, inspiration sometimes has its way with me.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day One Hundred Sixteen: I locked my keys in the car.

I have a blooming bruise on my upper left arm. It is a beaut. Whilst breaking into my car earlier today I managed to stuff my arm into a very small and very tight spot. It failed in opening the car, but succeeded amazingly in creating a hot spot all day, swelling and the most lovely shade of blue. It is my temporary tattoo to remind me to be mindful in the moment to moment.

It is not particularly painful, just annoying. It hurts only when I poke it so of course I have to check that out fairly often to make sure it is still an owie. Ooooooh, yeah... I am still alive.

A little physical pain gives me a boost sometimes. It reminds me to wake up.

Monday, April 26: Sharpie on card stock, 4.5"x6"

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day One Hundred Fifteen: Garage Art

Late in the evening when the talk turned to "when I was a kid", my friend told a tale about what his dad used to do in his wood shop. He would cut out pinup silhouettes and spray paint them on the wall. "Wouldn't it be funny if I did one too, so when the old man comes over next time, he won't know what to say..."

So we did.

I was given a razor blade and a centerfold. A little enhancing of the aesthetics, a little finesse with the blade, and the man cave made a statement.

Sunday, April 25: Spray paint on wall.  

In spite of the baser nature of this project, it was a great foray into creating a stencil. I can use that...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day One Hundred Fourteen: Small details make the difference.

Biking, baseball, peach martini, hanging art (gorgeous), food made with love, the best friends; I am blessed and happy. And art was fun today, a departure, made in the midst of a melee.

Saturday, April 24: Sharpie on paper

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day One Hundred Thirteen: One of the Good Ones.

In the history of Fridays, this is a good one. I had a fun visit with a friend amongst chatty strangers. And am now a friend among friends. I love them. Bike riders to a fault, all just cruising in from a ride. And me here, in the midst, eating salad and typing; awaiting the scallops. Yum. My life rocks.

Friday, April 23: sharpie on paper, 9"x12"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day One Hundred Twelve: Spurs

It was a good day. 

It has been an intoxicating week full of unexpected moments of joy in the midst of some gut wrenching, sick to my stomach moments. Odd how you can get so worked up over some distant fear and then the reality brings a calm and beauty with it. If I keep the faith, it will always turn out good. Because bad, it's never bad, just a different opportunity to grow. And so my prayer goes. 

After handing myself some heavy tasks this week, today was an extra blessing. New art projects began to percolate, as well as adventures in travel. I am going to need a costume change and an assistant to help me frame art.

Thursday, April 22: Sharpie on post card, 4"x6"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day One Hundred Eleven: Guidance

Don't you just love new people in a small room. Talking to professionals on their turf is always scintillating: the small talk to create rapport and show their strengths and the finding of commonality. Then, what kind of office is it, what is the art on the wall? And yes, I appreciate the sharp suit, and all the efforts, and the service.

But... I want them to come to me with their pencils and computers. Tell me of all the rules while I am drinking tea in the tool shed. I want my efficiency to not be wasted on the drive to them. Yes, I need my it all to be my time. 

Tall order perhaps, but I have faith, and a sense of humor.

Back to the open air.

Wednesday, April 21: Sharpie on paper, 9"x12"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day One Hundred Ten: The New Holiday

Well wishes came from a number of places throughout the day. Facebook was full of status updates marking the occasion. The new holiday? 420?

Makes me wonder, and laugh and smile, and giggle...

Tuesday April 20: Sharpie on paper. 9"x11"

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day One Hundred Nine: Pasted On Smiles

Smiles and sunshine on a Monday:

Monday, April 19: Sharpie on post card, 4"x6"

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day One Oh Eight: Forest for the Trees.

Today could have been more productive.

I envisioned new art, hung out in a new location, caught up with a friend, tried a new tool using gravity, shared a meal, caught a movie. All in all, I question my idea of productive.

Wish you were here. Yeah you, you know who I mean.

Sunday, April 18: Sharpie, pastel, pen on paper, 24"x48"

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day One Oh Seven: Such Fun.

I see you.

Saturday, April 17: sharpie on post card, 4"x6"

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day One Hundred and Six: Bacon laid plans.

On a Friday with my girl, I am happy to share time and some awesome pasta with mushrooms, bacon and cream. Oops, so much for my arteries and living into my hundreds.

Thank goodness I do not believe in poor health or anything but the beneficial effects of bacon delivered by loving hands.  Thank you loving friends. My ass is still comfortable to sit on for hours. Hopefully a booty with substance still holds some appeal.

Until that is an issue, I wonder what quinoa and bacon would be like?

Friday, April 16: pastel and sharpie on post card, 4"x6"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day One Hundred Five:Similar but different

I am having to remember to breath consciously. Pay attention, and forget all the rest. Sometimes it works.

Thursday, April 15: pastel, pencil, sharpie on paper. 9"x12"

I wish the photo was better... the color, the color...

Day One Hundred Four: Only 138 more days

Amazing how words of comfort and understanding with a friend can calm my own dark fears. I appreciate being able to share that time and relax. Relaxed and present. Now that is a present.

Let's get happy.

Wednesday, April 14: Sharpie on post card, 4"x6"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day One Hundred Three: Geronimo

Or perhaps further southwest. 

Distraction is driving me to improvise. My ideas are under an onslaught, on strike. A big fuck you to this project. My life beyond my art is threatening my peaceful function as artist living in my own world and it is sucking the life out of my sharpie. and me. 

I would tell you more, but that would be admitting to things I don't even talk to myself about. Part of the problem really.

Tuesday, April 13: Sharpie on paper, 9"x12"

Monday, April 12, 2010

Day One Hundred Two: Vicious Smells Evade

Some days have ho hum written all over them. And some days kick ass.

This was neither.

I managed to keep my head down and plow through, and it was mostly okay, but there was a pall over the day. Like a dull headache way in the back you just know is there and ready to jump full blown into the forefront, but hasn't yet. It still hasn't jumped, I tried not to think about it.

But that maddening sense of something has me cleaning like the devil. It can't be all bad, the smell is definitely improved. And for that, I am grateful.

Monday April 12: Sharpie on paper 9"x12"

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day One Hundred One: I talk too much

I am making an effort to talk less, especially about myself. Lord knows I can learn more by listening.

Sunday, April 11: sharpie on paper

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day One Hundred: Bad Ideas Abound

And yet here I am, among friends.

Saturday April 10: .....

Day Ninety Nine: unexpected turns

I expect to sideswipe life now and then, but sometimes it comes back and returns the favor. How refreshing is that...

So, whilst I regather and reconsider all the fun events as they occur...

Friday, April 9: sharpie and pen on paper

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day Ninety Eight: Happy Birthday

My wake up call was met with howling winds and sideways driven torrential rains. The skies were threatening and beautiful in blues and grays and whites, lit from within unfathomed depths. Yet even as the sun rose their light was kept dark and foreboding. My windshield wipers nearly had a stroke, my knuckles where wrapped, and the standing water on the freeway was a fright. It was unrelenting and exhilarating.

Still came the thought that it is my dad's birthday. When I was a kid we would invite friends over for cake and ice cream and some joke gifts and lots of running around on my part (cake still does that to me). But if it was a weekend and a particularly warm spring day, we would take a picnic basket and go for a drive into the mountains, around a lake to see some wildlife and hunt for spring flowers. There were always candy bars purchased somewhere along the way on those trips, a particular treat at the time. He taught me how to peel an orange in a single peel, how to ride my bike and how to tell a joke. Twenty one years after his death I am glad to be able to feel the joy of the memories. Happy Birthday daddy. I love you.

So, I had that going for me.

Next stop after counting stumbles in speech and an impromptu talk on what snacks I prefer when playing games, I had breakfast with a friend.

With the tried and true routine of eggs and potatoes and fruit, we had plenty of time to talk and share ideas of things we are working on. Most notably is a new interest in screen printing. He has been working with the most basic of tools, learning as he goes from Google. While it is a good and cheap way to begin and experiment with the your ideas, a talk with someone who does it would move the concepts along so much faster. As luck would have it last weekend at an art event I met an artist with some finely executed paintings. Upon discussion, I discovered that he screen prints on some canvas' and is a graphic designer in a print shop. Holy Crap! Ask and it is given... So, after a couple of Facebook exchanges with him, we arranged to meet him at his shop.

After breakfast, a couple pots of tea and probably one or two too many trips out back to smoke, we went to the screen print shop he works at.

They were the most gracious hosts, the most thorough in their education of us, the most accommodating to a non-ending stream of questions from complete novices. My new artist friend introduced us to his boss, the Art Director, and together they orchestrated a semesters worth of education in an hour and a half. We started with Illustrator, the tool that they use, complete with a full demo, and tips and offers of assistance as we learn. Next came a full tour of a rather large operation. The floor manager guided us through what becomes of the printout from the designers upstairs.

How the screen is prepared, how the emulsion is applied to the screens, how the print is applied to the emulsion, how the emulsion is hardened, how screen is mounted, how the ink is applied: both manually and by an automated machine. The properties of different colors, differing screen mesh. How the ink is dried, how the screens are recycled. We saw every tool, every machine, and nearly every employee visible on the floor spoke to us and gave a demonstration. Freaking amazing. At one point, a young man (doing athletic shirts on a run where the number increased by one on the front of each shirt, what? A new stencil applied each time!) asked where we were from, like a company or school or something. The floor manager replied, "From the streets of Spokane" and on the demo went. And that was the only question asked about our motives.

I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that we were given. And even as we left, contact information was exchanged, in case we have more questions, art supply website names given for supplies. And even though we were astounded as we drove away, I still can not express the gratitude I feel for such a friendly, welcoming, beautiful, mind-boggling, experience.

Everyday I am so grateful for the amazing people in my life. And more show up everywhere I look. If I weren't so tired now I would break down and cry over the voracity of goodness!

Thursday April 8, Watercolor, Sharpie on paper. 9"x12"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day Ninety Seven: Hump Day

Wow, somehow today needs to be a few hours longer. And tomorrow too.
Why is it on the day before I need to get up hours before my preferred and usual time (whenever I want) I am compelled to take on a myriad of otherwise missed tasks. I feel good that they are finished, but the shear amounts of coffee I contemplate for tomorrow boggles my mind and my bladder.

Man do I like to stay up late and see where my drift goes. 

On the other hand, tomorrow should bring a bushel full of delightful experiences. I can't wait.

Wednesday, April 7: Sharpie, watercolor, pen on paper 9"x12"


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day Ninety Six: Dreaming of sleep should make me twice as rested.

If I had more time in every day, would I use it to sleep and be more refreshed or would I just use it to stay up later and create more art and play more with my favorite friends? 

As much as exhaustion drags me through some days and I love blissful slumber, I don't wish for more time to sleep generally. I bemoan the fact that have to sleep at all. Sleeping, though necessary, cuts into my time.  Perhaps I need to multitask and play with friends in bed. But that is another blog entirely, another type of art and supplies, and likely not much sleep involved. Though... it does bring a blush to my cheeks and a smile to my lips.

Perhaps some experimentation is in order.

Tuesday April 6: Sharpie on drawing paper

Monday, April 5, 2010

Day Ninety Five: Monday Funday?

In the midst of my pining for the weekend, I find mine extended. I am eating pizza with a friend and she has all the tales to tell me since the last time we hung out.

It is a girl fest to the max, all the boys are getting what for. We love them, but for fuck sake, things still get said. And the relief is good. I pet the dog, listen to the stories and relive our past: before new countertops, a new husband and a big dog.

We are still young and wild, at least at heart.

Monday April 5:  Sharpie and Pen on card stock 9"x12"

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day Ninety Four: Zombie Jesus

As wonderful days go, this was a good one. As wonderful weekends go, this was a chart topper. How I got so lucky to be surrounded by such "bomb-diggity" friends... I must have done something right. 

I sure hope they know that. They feed my body and my head and my heart swoons. It makes me sad and lonely just a little when we part. I am generally of a rather solitary nature. I like my time. But there are those that could coax me into anything they want. If You want it, I want it.

So I eat, ride bikes, smile, laugh and gaze adoringly into beautiful eyes.

Sunday April 4: Sharpie on card stock. 9"x12"

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day Ninety Three: Dirty Girl Saturday

Woke with mimosas coming at me along with bacon. I was so happy. I did have to growl at some teenagers to move along. It took a long read, some coffee, a bike ride, and a nap to get back into steady hand mode.

Screen printing is raising awareness of all new possibilities in my art. How have I not explored this before. I  am so happy a friend has taken the plunge and is willing to share his knowledge.

Some really awesome food, a lesson in basic screen printing, a glass or so of wine and some adorably fantastic friends: the day was a complete success. All days should be played like this.

Saturday, April 3: Sharpie on Water color paper. 9"x12"

Friday, April 2, 2010

Day Ninety Two: It is a new day

As they all are.

And now here I am, with a new vision in my art. And i am excited about it. A new month, a new idea. And i know I will have fun with this one.

Friday, April 2: sharpie on bogus rough sketch, 18" x 16"

 I hope my sharpie remains steady.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day Ninety One: April Fools Day

Welcome to my small focus for most days. I see color and there is perfection in that. 

Thursday April 1: Sharpies