Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day Thirty One: Adrenaline is a powerful drug. Fight or flight indeed.

I was going to post this early in the day.

It would have been a completely different and short post. I was tired and a little bit cranky about having to do anything at all that resembled crawling out of bed.

But I did.

And now I am back.

I wish I could tell you what happened in between, but legally I think it best to say that all ended well and I thank God. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! And I promise to be more present and alert in the future.

January 31: Spray paint, Sharpie on Bogus Sketch. 18"x24"

This concludes month one of this project. I have to say, I thought I would be able to crank out large pieces faster than in fact I am able to. So far.
I can't say that the process has gotten routine. But it does show me that if I had more time, what things I could do. Faster.

I wonder what will happen next.

A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. -Lao Tzu

Day Thirty: Quilt

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day Twenty Nine: Quiet Expectation is always amazing.

My very good friend Sage showed me some amazing uses for duct tape.  Rather,  on the new rolls, it calls itself Duck Tape. And the colors are endless.

Sage has mastered a Duck tape wallet, I have requested my very own but as an artist, he needs time to create one for me. But tonight, sweet, there was a Duck Tape b-ball hoop. The net was so cool. And I can shoot a mean duck tape hoop!

Thanks Sage, what else you got?

As for me, I have this, tardy, but presentable:


January 29: silver sharpie on black construction, 9"x12"
Sage is making me a Duck tape head band. I can't wait. I am starting to sound needy, a wallet and a head band....

What can I give to you sweet Sage?

Ah, I do love fridays, and friends. And art.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day Twenty Eight: Veer

I was going to write some drivel about the grasp I have on my ego. Then I realized that the entire sentence was a construct of said conquered ego. She's so tricky. 

And for that matter, a blog is really the height of ego exertion to begin with. Who am I? 

Indeed, Who am I? 

Entire philosophies have thrived centuries based on the answer to that very question. 

Perhaps the answer is: You have to find out for yourself.


January 28: Good old sharpie (Actually I bought a new purple sharpie  before I started, they are so sweet with a new tapered smooth pointed tip.) on 9"x12" heavy paper.

Those who know do not talk, those who talk do not know. -Lao Tzu

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day Twenty Seven: Sigh

I rode a roller coaster of emotions and strange reactions today. Was there some lunar event?

I am still processing. Surely there was something to learn. What judgment has crept into my experience?

I am still distracted, even now, here, with the comforting smell of mint tea, oil paint and sharpie.


January 27: Sharpie on paper 4.5"x6"

I am open to whatever there was out there today. I did have a particularly lovely hike near the river today. Short, brisk hike, with lots of geese. The cold purity of the water racing by was palpable in the air. There, near water, outdoors, is always a close feel of the wonderful. And I was gleeful. The other parts of the day gave the thrill of the downhill to my ride.

Day Twenty Six: I heard love songs all day.

And I am not sure why I noticed them all day. It started to put me on edge. Like I needed to check my hair, brush my teeth, stand up straight. All good things to do on any day, but there was some expectation with my music mind today. Weird, I know. I like to watch for signs. I wonder how that could be one. Maybe I need new underwear. And new lipstick.

Until then, I smile to myself at the very idea. And I made this for the occasion:

January 26: Sharpie and Uni-ball on 9"x12" watercolor paper.

I hope I don't hear country music tomorrow. I do not need a dog, a pickup truck or a cowboy hat..... Wait... I like dogs, and trucks. Okay just a couple songs. But no spurs.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day Twenty Five: The Lines are Getting Blurry

My other brain is starting to rebel against the rigid aesthetic of recent pieces. I enjoyed it quite well:

January 25: Spray Paint, Sharpie, Pen, Paint Pen on Recycled Bogus, 18"x24"

Standard crappy photo disclaimer applies.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day Twenty Four: Hopping from boulder to boulder at the rivers edge

Liberal doses of vitamin D this weekend makes me so much happier and relaxed. The hikes that afforded my time in the sun went through beautiful local trails and parks. Always near the water. Of course. And now, all vegged out at home I am feeling the effects of too little rock hopping in my recent past. More running, jumping, cycling, swimming please.

While I was walking, the moist goodness that is the Spokane river flowing by, I started thinking about Dr. Masaru Emoto and his work with water. Dr. Emoto is a Japanese author known for his claim that if human speech or thoughts are directed at water droplets before they are frozen, images of the resulting water crystals will be beautiful or ugly depending upon whether the words or thoughts were positive or negative. Emoto claims this can be achieved through prayer, music or by attaching written words to a container of water.

Positive & Negative Energy Effects on Water Crystals

I am hoping that our crystals are feeling good. There are some really cool stars in there!

And part of the day I found myself parked in a lot on the lake where there was a sign proclaiming it "Bald Eagle Viewing Area". I did not see anything in flight at all, but I was treated to a cadre of binocular bearing bald eagle watchers. And they were treat enough. Apparently bald eagles are attracted to khaki: khaki slacks, khaki vests, khaki floppy brimmed hats. And size does matter, I have never seen such large binoculars, hanging on wizened necks, craning for a glimpse of regal feathers. Ah, I love the passionate.

January 24: Sharpie on Postcard paper. 4"x6"

I want to mix rigid lines with wanton scribble. Next up, confusion.

"I understand that you must wonder, sometimes to the point of bewilderment, at what you're truly capable of doing. Yet, therein lies the 'problem', because living the life of your dreams is far more about what I'm capable of doing.
Surrender - "
    The Universe

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day Twenty Three: Smile, someone right next to you would love it.

I try to be alert to what is going on around me. That is where I am. But sometimes I forget. And then what wakes me up is so amazing. And the energy of my friends is enough to make paint just ooze from me and paint on my behalf.
Sorry, that sounds really weird, even to me.
Everyone I see, any day, amazes me. The stuff they know; is unknown to me.
But besides the fate of my sharpies in the hands of my friend, (whilest I wax poetic over here),  I enjoy what is delivered to me, minute to minute.
So if I sound a little like I have been hanging out with my bestest of friends, yeah. I am.
And sometimes it means you get this:

january 23: yellow sharpie and pen. good old uniball. on watercolor paper. 9x12

now, back I go to try and coax a sweet milf to my lair.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day Twenty Two: Frida Kahlo was middle aged before she ate a meal alone. Sounds suffocating.

Sitting alone contemplating a bottle of wine. I know I should not drink alone, but in my experience, the sound of a corkscrew brings people out of the woodwork. And besides, it is a small bottle, perhaps there is inspiration right there under the pretty label. It looks like the color of love, and the name is called Sunset. I am starting to feel all romantic with myself. Woowoo!

So here you go, so I can go:

January 22: Uniball pen on Bogus recycled rough sketch. 4.5"x6"

So, off I go in search of a corkscrew, a cup and a new surface to deface. Now go away, I am not really in the mood to be watched (or share!).

Day Twenty One: I got Rindal-ed

Seriously great night after work, chatting with a friend about the ways of the universe. And a couple Newcastles helped put things into a relaxed perspective. Thanks hon, it was so fun talking to you. You helped me clarify.

As such, once again, I am tardy.

January 21: pen on watercolor paper, 9"x12". Those pens come in sweet color but they smear like crazy. Makes me practice patience.

Now, off you go, I have stuff to do.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day Twenty: Reduced to a Postcard

The new painting is so demanding. All I can do is cater to its demands. It is developing nicely, as long as my hand stays steady. So many tiny pencil marks, my eyes squint and stare. Even now, sitting here I can barely type, the call is so loud, it sounds like longing.

So, in that vein, I pushed out a postcard today. Whom shall I send it to:

January 20: watercolor and sharpie on watercolor postcard paper. (4"x6")

"There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so" -Shakespeare

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day Nineteen: Junk mail is better than no male!

I snuck out of work an hour early tonight. I felt like crap all day; or maybe that I needed a crap all day. Bodies are such high maintenance vehicles. But I could think no longer of the task at hand so I took my leave. The minute I stepped outside, fresh air, freedom, I felt better. The more steps, the better I felt.

I feel good now. Hours later, a glass of cabernet, a chat with a friend, vigorous petting of the yorkie, settled the body and mind.A good sleep will finish the job.

By the way, Nick fixed my heads. The van runs again. Jubilation for me was only bested by the intrepid mechanic himself. 30something and it was his first head job. Gad. But she purrs like a kitten so he must have set that gasket just right!

And, speaking of kittens... sure do miss having a cat around. And all the mice around just beg for a cat to make a good living here. I would call him something fruity like Magenta or Picasso(Pablo for short). And he would hang around in the studio and reflect my opinion in his eyes. In short he would be the king of intelligent cats. Of course. (Alcor, you are the Emperor of Intelligent Cats!) Sigh.

And, at the last minute:

January 19: 9"x12", Metallic Silver Sharpie on Black Construction Paper.

Now, back I go to embrace orgiastic communion.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day Eighteen: Monday has soul sucking properties

It was a great  day, the sun shone like it was spring, heat was not needed in the car, I had fantasies all day about riding my bike. I predict snow soon. It is still mid-January. It is inevitable.

So, until the real spring: crocus blooms, scant clothing and amorous urges; I dream of the ocean:

January 18: Sharpie on Watercolor paper, 9"x12"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day Seventeen: New baby heads feel like lush velvet, only better

Today the boys have been laboring over the engine. Some mumbled curses about “where did this bracket come from” have tightened my smile and elicited affirmative encouraging chirps from me.
I see the stack of parts is getting smaller. And the noise that comes out of boys using a torque wrench is sort of sexy; grunts and hearty exhales.  So, my part in this is amusing at the least.

Now it is dinner time and they have exited to clean up.
Quiet again reigns here. I retain high expectation!
In art news, that canvas that was standing patiently in the corner, giving me the eye all the time… well, we are now in an orgiastic communion of stars and magenta and palette knives. I can’t wait to show you, in a couple weeks or so. 
Of course Brittney asked me to pick something else to obsess over, “For those of us coming in here every day, give us something else besides stars to look at.” I do love the affirmation here.  I will take it under advisement.
And the new large paper work, well, It has the skeleton of the piece, just the details are flummoxing me. I patiently await it to tell me what comes next; lots of white space yet to abuse.
So, for today, I have  this:

January 17, 2010: Pen and Sharpie on Brown paper. 9"x12"

I am awestruck at how time warps itself around my focus.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day Sixteen: I just don't know what to say

All the activity around my head today... new gaskets are a bitch. My engine is in a thousand pieces. Can't wait to see the herculean efforts to put it back together in the morning.

In the meanwhile I keep my smile affixed, my mouth shut and present this:

January 16: 9"x12", Sharpie on Watercolor paper

A nap is in order. And a massage please.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day Fifteen: The Laurentia luck with cars.


Boy do I need the weekend. So much catching up to do.

Last night I was crusing home and decided that since we had missed the gas station on the way to work, I would catch it now just before home. The best prices around here are at the Holiday station just down the street. At the 2nd stoplight before Holiday the truck did not like starting up again and chugged and jerked for a bit and I knew my stores of fuel were limited. I hit the next light on green so on I went. About three blocks away the truck stalled. I popped it into neutral and started to weigh my options. It will not start, I am still moving, the steering is hard as hell as are the brakes.
The car behind did not like me getting slower and slower and slower and finally whipped around. With one block to go, I was down to 20 mph and slowing. The truck has so much weight that in spite of all, I decided to move into the left lane, put on my signal and made a roll for the gas station.

Now, of course, since this is not my truck, I just prayed that the tank was on the drivers side. Then I rolled into the station. Being the cheapest around, it was nearly full. There are six pump stations and the first was full, the second, the third, (I am coasting on a wish while wrestling with the lack of power steering), the fourth, the fifth... all full. And viola, the sixth, the last, the mecca was open. I muscled the truck in, pushed the powerless brakes as hard as I could and we eased to stop at the pump. Whew.

Some how I always eek out a save. Thank you God!

I do love the new adventures everyday in 1HOE.

January 15: pen on paper. sweet.

Hopefully this weekend will see something spectacular happen. Large piece is coming along nicely but the canvas is still screaming for paint. But, as of today, I am 1/24th the way through! Wahoo, only 350 to go! I am awesome!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day Fourteen: Rest for the Wicked.

Look at me, all relaxed, nonchalant, posting my blog for today hours ahead of my norm. Perhaps I am starting to get a rhythm. Or perhaps I need to challenge myself and create bigger and more bad ass works!

Nah, let's go with rhythm, discipline and the big pieces will come at their leisure.

January 14: 18"x24", Sharpie on spray painted recycled rough sketch. I like the texture that the bit of paint gives. It also lightened up the paper to a light gray, a favorite base! As always, the standard disclaimers apply: This photo sucks, it does not really show the color or detail. But I am happy as can be about the real thing. For today.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day Thirteen: 1HOE

The second day of carpooling in Calvin's truck is starting to show the quirks. Since I work the further away of the two of us, I get to drive there and back.

Apparently the cold has a chilling effect on the ability of the drivers window to roll back up. Swearing at it profusely does the trick though. And some engine cleaning a while back endowed the windshield wipers with a mind of their own. Fast, erratic, stopping in the middle of the window, then to slow to a crawl. Awesome. But it keeps me alert! And the stereo: well, lets say the bass speakers are better than a spin cycle for enhancing my ride.

But the best part of the ride is the looks I get from the outside. The relentless ribbing that we give Calvin for  his "1HOE" license plates is now a special treat that I get too! It took not too long for my work mates to call me on it and question its origin. I think the ladies at the DMV were trying to tell him something!

Now, here I am, all jazzed. One small piece today for my pleasure:

7"x8.5", Sharpie on White sketch paper. Metallic Sharpie makes its second, more subdued appearance.

Anyone know how to replace a head gasket?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day Twelve: Fixing a Radiator Can Blow a Head Gasket.

Yesterday my trip to work was long, hot and perilous. My cooling system fried and the car overheated on the way. I hopped out to the smell of cooking machine parts. A trip to Spaulding's scored me a new radiator.

On the trip back there were lots of stops to pretend I was cooling down. But as soon as I started, it took about 3 blocks to "Ding, I'm Hot!". It stalled about 1 mile from safety, at a stoplight. I put on my flashers, turned off the car, said a prayer and after a turn of the light, it started and home we crawled only to stall in the driveway. 

The next morning Nick came to put it in for me. That was the easy part. Three trips to Schucks later, once for fluids, second for a new thermostat, and thirdly for a new radiator cap, and the radiator is no longer a problem.

So now all is well right?


The new airtight cooling system now left only one place to go, to the motor where the head gasket was already damaged. It looked like a steam locomotive. Awesome.

Shall I skip work? Shall I... what?

Calvin offers me his truck. His job is on the way to mine and we work nearly the same shift. So we carpooled.

The huge bass speakers behind the seats are amazing, if you like that kind of thing!  Nice ride too: high, fast, loud. I wanted to cruise all day. But work called and I answered. I have to buy a gasket!

Day 12: 12"x9", Sharpie on Watercolor paper.

Day Eleven: Damn It, I was so close

Thought I was going to make midnight tonight.

Ha, And God Laughed.

14" x 17", Sharpie on White Sketch Paper.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 10: Whew.

I was sparring my imaginary demons about tardy postings.
On the one hand, I like to say that the day is not really over, in spite of clock time, until I have gone to bed with that intention.

Secondly, somewhere in the back of my brain, the old commercial from Earnest and Julio Gallo: We will sell no wine before its time. Same with the art, if it ain't ready, it ain't ready.

Then I wondered exactly how old that commercial is, is there anyone in the world that would remember it. Am I remembering it correctly.

At any rate, I ran over the clock end of the day.(Again)


3'8" x 3'4", Acrylic Paint and Sharpie on Paper.

My wish again, really, really, is that you could see this in person, photos can not do it justice here. But it sure is visually stimulating!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day Nine: When Michelle asks you if you want a cinnamon roll, say “Yes!”

Maybe even Hell Yes!
When you can clearly see that the offered food item is the antithesis of everything you should be eating, the only thing to do is take two. My left arm is numb.
The ambrosia in roll form was exquisite, especially all warm and gooey; buttery and sweet.  The bread in the cinnamon roll boiled in butter, sugar and cinnamon in the baking process. I was mesmerized. Then the icing, ouch! It tasted like pure main-line love. Thank you! Thank you!
It could have only been better with bacon. But then what isn’t.
So, Day Nine:

18”x24”, Sharpie on Rough Sketch.
 This took rather longer than I thought it might. No real plan does that sometimes.
I have a bigger one I want to finish by tomorrow. But I also have a big canvas, all primed and ready to go, standing by, waiting, less and less patiently. 
So, to beat midnight. I go.

Day Eight, I have no thoughts to gather.

 A bit of a departure today with the silhouette. But I am working on an idea for a piece for my niece Brittany and her Nick. And it was fun.

12"x9", sharpie on rough sketch.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Day Seven, Guinness Gives You Strength.

It is always a good thing to bring in the outside influence; solitary games are not learning experiences. In that vein I find myself with new wonderful people seeking me out, and old lovely ones exerting their residual and renewed influence.

But now I am late again.

Day Seven: Uni-Ball on Bogus Rough Sketch. 9”x12”

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day Six, What Would Da Vinci Do?

A few days ago I was driving and found my mind in a tangled snarl instead of being more alert and peaceful. So I took a deep breath, sat up straight, and took in my surroundings (something not to be taken lightly perhaps while careening down the freeway). To the right I see lots of large trucks, large business buildings with equipment, next are some caterpillar type machines amid turned earth. Then next is a purple and pink plastic swing set/jungle gym in the grass. Following them are more large machines, a vacant lot and a turn to the north. I did a double take, and raced on down through traffic.
It was rather a delight to see the pink and purple, my favorite colors, right there in the middle of the otherwise heavy duty world of grownups. But why?
So, on subsequent trips down that same road, I have looked for that visual candy treat amongst the meat and potatoes. But strangely enough, I have not seen it since. Am I remembering a different part of the road? Did the potential demolition on either side cause its removal or (shudder) disposal? Or perhaps did I imagine it, conjure it in my own mind to remind me to be aware, now, more delights await.
Or has the constant smell of sharpie of various brilliant hue started to affect my perception.
And my pretension.
Back to art: I am feeling the strain of inadequate time to play with materials, develop ideas. But already the push is showing me new twists of images. And the drive to produce gets stronger with each piece undertaken. I want to go to a giant fine art supply store and browse. I envision some materials, but have not seen them yet. But until then, I have all that I need to occupy my hands, and my time.
Day Six:
14”x8.5”, pen and sharpie on white drawing paper.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day Five: I'm Late

It is actual the wee of Day 6... but...

Yes, I’m tardy. It is Brittany's big 24 today. Break out the wrinkle cream. Time for the beginnings of the quarter life crisis. It’s going to be a long year. Hee.

Its funny, in the couple of days before the first, when my making new art slid to a stop, my mind raced with possible tales to regale with. But now, racing daily to finish something, while also creating some more substantial works, and dealing with The Actual Job (Taj?), the wonderful family and friends; I am silent. For now.  

Any who, yes I have a new one:
Number 5: 9”x12”, recycled rough sketch (soon you will see it is a perennial favorite.), sharpie. (Introducing metallic sharpie… why can’t all the colors be so opaque. )

If I come across a better camera, I will surely repost (replace) these pieces.  

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day Four, Vacation is Over.

Making a single piece of art a day sounds like a snap... Until vacation ended.

Back at work today, I emphatically saw the wisdom of working ahead on the weekends.  Luckily I have some stock images I have played with before that I can whip out in a day.

(I hope I don't get too repetitious!)

At least, for now, this blog thinks all my ideas are fresh.

So now here I sit, eating dinner, casually thumbing my nose at the clock. Yeah, I got one, hold your horses.

Day Four: 8.5"x11", pen and sharpie on card stock. (Rather, poster stock - that is the back of a flyer.)

So, now off I go to do one of two things, start on tomorrow while continuing with the largers pieces already started for the future. Or, finish my load of carbohydrates and laze my way to bed and pray for the sweet dream that will propel my early morning!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day Three, Butcher Red Uni-Ball!

I ran off to see friends last night in their ultra-warm shop. A new wood stove cooks the place to a toasty de-bundled workspace.  That, friends and a cold one and I was happy.
So, after some chatter, a beer, and a toke, I start to wonder what tools could be used as art supplies.
I found a roll of butcher paper on the wall (I don’t like the term butcher, so I will be calling it freezer paper from now on.), and a red Uni-Ball Vision Elite. Wow, what a nice tip on that pen, rolls like a dream. 
So, pen in hand, straight-edge scabbed off the ground and a PBR, I made for your viewing delight the following:-  Day 3: red ink on 27”x18” freezer paper.

And after a disatribe about pens being 'borrowed' all too often, Ian gave me the red, a blue and a black Uni-Ball. Happy day. I say yes to saying "Yes" to visiting Heyn Manor. Thanks for the shrimp sustenance Mitch! oxoxo

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day Two, Sniffles Redux, Where is my Snuggie.

The first couple days when I was thinking about doing a blog, my mind raced all day with clever things to say, anecdotes to tell, flourishes and all. And when it came down to it, I forgot all that, just wasted all that peace in my mind, lost out on those present moments, and did not even give a thought to the art that was to come.

So, I stopped, regrouped, and decided not to think of the blog until now... Sitting with fingers poised.

Overall it is good, I tend to work best on art, or rather work my best art, when my mind is in a blank state. A peaceful, present, here-ness that ignores anything outside the movements of my hands, the colors used, the minute bleed of the sharpie tip, the warm sip of hot tea, repeat. As I putter around in a quiet state, the creative source comes in and takes over. I am a sharpie on gods canvas. Some days he just practices and some days he is inspired. I just enjoy the ride.

Now here is the second piece, started yesterday, sniffled over into the late night, hustled out early in the day, complete, but ripe with ideas for follow up.

So now I can move forward on the starts of others. Be a good steward of my dream. Build the discipline.

Plus I want to go sit in the dark, eat popcorn and watch a movie and I want to relax there.

My family all went to the gun show. Why?

So, without further ado: Day Two, sharpie on Recycled Rough Sketch, 18x24 inches.

I need to do something about the lighting, perhaps a different camera...

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day, 2010. Day One.

I had this grand vision of charging full force into 2010 and art making by being poised at the stroke of midnight, pencil in hand, ready to create. Instead, midnight found me sniffling and achy and tired. So, instead of posting this blog in the enthusiastic wee hours, under the full moon, I slept until 11ish.
Originally, as well, I thought the first day should be something extra special. Then a conversation about handicapping in golf gave me a new perspective and a more relaxed attitude to my day.
So, here is day one. Sharpie, on paper, 14”x17”.

p.s. the color spectrum on the camera is hue-ing the purple towards blue. My apologies.