Monday, December 6, 2010

Day Three Hundred Forty: Reflected Reflection

By now I should be all full of wisdom learned by this project. But I never talked about it.
I think that is the problem. I never talk about anything that is going on in my life. Not really. I am horribly closed and non-forthcoming. Perhaps my story is interesting. Perhaps not. I am loathe to tell it. Instead I thrash about looking for another tale to tell. Something I can use, but its not me, not at all.
This is what I know. While I did this every day, I would not say I was faithful. But I did learn something about the materials daily. And I gained a whole new ease working around other people. When something has to happen, you have to work in a lot of surroundings or never go anywhere at all. And I did play with friends.
I feel like I developed a lot of small images that are going to all contribute to a large, slow to produce, intricate piece this next year. That is all I can say about beyond the yoke of this imagining.

Monday, December 6: sharpie on paper, 9x12

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