Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day Three Hundred Forty Six: I Saw Something

It was like a vision of a large, complex painting. It was a painting I am going to do I suppose, it incorporated elements of all the things I played with this year. It went on and on. It is going to be a steady handed bitch to complete but it sure made sense of the last year.  All the elements explored for days to weeks: ready to mix? Aw crap, more projects.

Or maybe it was cat dander confusing my brain.

Meanwhile, my armchair pursuit of the bike lead me to Stumble all day off and on, on my phone, only to Bicycling related websites. And that lead me to this:

Sunday, December 12: Sharpie on Pastel on Paper. 11x15

Meanwhile, I am learning that there are lots of my kind out there. Artists, cyclists. Perhaps I should mingle. 

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